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PT KSK Indonesia Insurance (Asuransi KSK) is owned by a Malaysian top conglomerate, KSK Group Berhad. KSK Insurance in Indonesia is head-quartered in Jakarta and offers health insurance through fronting top medical insurance providers. KSK insurance (Asuransi KSK) have over 20 years of insurance experience in Indonesia and everything has been well thought of, incorporating their prestigious standards to uphold the organization they are today. They commenced almost 30 years ago as a general insurance provider under a different name. It was later acquired by the Malaysian KSK Group Malaysia and got their present name ever since. KSK Group Behad is the largest home-grown general insurance company in Malaysia with a gross premium exceeding over a billion RM. In Indonesia, they are head quartered in Jakarta and have their operations throughout the country with 6 branches situated throughout the country and with an agency network of over 40. With the award-winning and 3rd best insurer in Indonesia, KSK Insurance, you can expect the right coverage for your everyday life. Gain the peace of mind today with one of the top health insurance plan in Indonesia, bringing quality and simplicity into medical care. Luke Medikal offers a comprehensive range of products (KSK Asuransi) to cover the needs of you, your family or your employees.

KSK Insurance Indonesia have build up their name upon 5 value, they are Resilience, trustworthiness, teamwork, teamwork and entrepreneurship. With the capability of understanding their weaknesses, they rectify themselves and become one of the leading companies in Asia, while being trusted by many. KSK Group Berhad is  a team striving to be best, they work through innovation, creating value for their clients and serving their needs in a professional manner.

The KSK company have expanded their operations further, this time to Thailand .Through strategic marketing activities. They aim to be among the top ten insurers in Thailand within the following 5 years. They will be focusing on the general insurance business, including international health insurance.


PT KSK Insurance – Bupa International

KSK Insurance (asuransi KSK )is the fronting company for Bupa Insurance products in Indonesia. With this KSK Company – Bupa Global collaboration, Indonesia can tap on the premier coverage of Bupa Health Insurance. KSK’s products will serve you well in every area of medical care. Bupa International Oversees over 7000 medical facilities worldwide while offering top-notched medical cover. They are a healthcare protection specialist with members in over 190 counties. With the Bupa policy, you can choose wherever you want to be treated in.

Bupa International Individual Health Insurance will enable you to gain access to the top specialists and facilities worldwide, with high-level customer service from Bupa Global. The Bupa plans are designed for people who aspire to gain access to a freedom of choice, expertise and premium services, whether it is a medical consultation locally or globally. Bupa has an extensive global partnership. Bupa health insurance plans have been design with general well-being in mind.

With The Bupa Health Insurance Indonesia customizable coverage, you can get the best benefits for your requirements at your budget. Not only do we offer Bupa plans for individuals, we also offer corporate schemes for companies. With the corporate scheme, all employees can enjoy the same premium benefits at exceptional rates, which is among the most competitive in the market for the type of coverage. Benefits include coverage for hospitalization, out-patient, family doctor coverage, dental, pregnancy, optical, health checks and pre-existing conditions.

With offering this premier product from the fronting KSK Group, we implemented top-notched customer service in conjunction with Bupa’s support system. Our customer service is ever-ready to assist you, from enquiries to claims, from searching for the best plan for you and your family at your budget to creating simplicity for your medical reimbursement matters. Your well-being is important to us.

KSK Group

As mentioned, our plans offer a very comprehensive coverage, and still being simple to comprehend. This enforces you peace of mind. You get access to a spectrum of medical treatment choices, so you will get the right one at the time you really need it. Also, though our top-notched support, your insurance process will be made completely simple.

Coverage for USA treatments come as an option as Bupa understands not many seeks medical treatment in the country. Your medical treatments will be paid in full as per the policy – treatments for injuries, illnesses or to restore you to normal condition as soon as possible. This include acute or chronic conditions.

Get stated today. Every KSK Insurance (asuransi KSK) product will serve you well in the future in the medical treatments arena, while rates being maintained at your budget. Try out today!