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PT Luke Medikal is an Indonesian leading provider of global health insurance, offering health insurance policies that comes from top insurers worldwide and offers comprehensive health Medical benefits. We have a range of healthcare plans that caters for individuals and corporate groups, coming from the best companies in the world. And these policies are available to both individuals as well as companies. What separates us from the rest is the way in which we involve the customers. When formulating a policy, we look at what is best for you depending on your need and budget. Only after this is done do we form the actual policy. Being the leading health insurance provider in Indonesia and that too at a global level, we are well aware of our responsibility. This is why you can contact us any time of the day with the help of our 24-hour hotline.

One of the cornerstones of what makes us great is our workforce. Nothing would be possible without their hard work and constant support. They are skilled and able to handle any kind of situation that is thrown at them. With over 40 members, we are well equipped to dealing with all your needs. For any potential customer, we offer them the opportunity to go through our insurance quotes and choose what is best for them. The customer has the advantage of customising the plans to suit their needs. This applies to expats as well who are our focus. Finally, we recommend only the best for our customers because we believe that it is what they deserve.

At LukeMedikal, our health policies are from top insurance companies (from AXA Health Insurance Indonesia to Allianz Health Insurance Indonesia) in Indonesia and coverage do not only provide hospitalization benefits, but also provides benefits for family doctor and regular health checks. Our benefits applies for treatments globally, as healthcare treatment cost can vary from country to country. And medical facilities in some countries are still in its infancy state. Hence, you may opt for treatments elsewhere via emergency evacuation or travel. Our insurance covers evacuation and all the treatments, pre and post, And checkups. Gain the peace of mind today!

Indonesia have a population of almost a quarter of a million people and that figure is among the highest in the world, with a life expectancy of 72 years old at average. These days, Indonesia have been investing well in their medical facilities. However, despite his investment, the country still faces a medical crisis of not having adequate treatment. There are people who flies abroad to get the appropriate treatment. However, only the rich citizens of Indonesia could afford this. This is why it is also essential to be able to get a good insurance cover, one that allows you to travel overseas as well for the best medical treatment.

When it comes to individual well-being, there is no room to compromise. Unexpected situations can happened at any time. However, Cost of healthcare in Indonesia or worldwide can hinder you from obtaining the treatment you deserve. That is why you need a premium medical card which could pay your medical bills in full, while being cashless for you.

Select from a series of health insurance plans from us, ranging from essential insurance benefits to fully comprehensive, zero to a higher range of deductibles to lower you premiums, we will recommend the best one for you and at your budget. This could help you deal with your serious or emergency medical conditions, where ever you are globally.

With us, you can enjoy high savings in health insurance premiums, and our insurance can also accommodate you while you get reach seniority, giving you generous benefits, regardless of your claims history.

Getting a comprehensive healthcare plan is a critical decision, because this enables you to seek the level of healthcare you require. It will protect your finances during times of medical difficult. Our Health Insurance plans are suitable for local individuals, families and expatriates. Get health insurance advice now:

Match YOUR Budget. Full coverage, where ever you are WORLDWIDE:

Health Insurance Plans

Luke Medikal is one of those few companies that offer flexible insurance cover. They offer insurance covers for primary care, home nursing, maternity, emergency and routine dentistry. Luke Medikal health insurance also provides health check covers. They also provide hospital covers. The hospital covers include the treatment fees and the ward accommodation fee. Luke Medikal found that people sustain major injuries while playing sports and covers for the treatment of sports injuries as well. The treatment of chronic disease takes the major chunk of money. Hence, Luke Medikal have started offering covers for diseases such as Asthma and Diabetes. This is a one-of-its-kind cover that takes care of the treatment, consultation, and the medication charges.

Making a Medical Insurance Claim

We have the simplest claims processing in the industry, where you could either do-it-yourself, or do it through us in literally less than a minute. We boast of a highly proactive team, who will ensure everything in claims will be straightened out with minimal effort from your side.