Universal Health Coverage Indonesia

Luke Medikal provides universal health insurance in Indonesia (asuransi di Indonesia) that comes from among the most prestigious health insurers worldwide. The no. 1 Health coverage we provide comes with an extensive range of benefits that will enable you to gain access to the adequate medical care you need. With the comprehensive benefits, you can seek even the top medical treatment at anywhere in the world and without acquiring the financial burdens of achieving optimal well-being.

health coverage indonesia

Comprehensive Health Scheme

Luke Medikal is well-known for offering comprehensive health insurance packages which are created to be budget friendly. Their standard health packages come in a number of levels though in all packages, they offer insurance for minimum critical illnesses with cancer being included.

Their Health Insurance packages are comprehensive and are designed with the budget lifestyles in mind.

The good thing about this insurance is that it allows for tailor made packages where one is provided with the freedom of choosing whichever health coverage they so wish and select a number of add-ons. The advantage of this system is that people will only pay for whatever the need.

Luke Medikal insurance has been in the industry for over 35 years and have in those years gained important knowledge on the facts governing the insurance industry and are using their skills to provide the best available services to their clients. Luke Medikal schemes are very comprehensive and it offers packages even for companies that cater even for their employees and have a proven track record in insurance settlement.

We are always striving for a stress-free experience for their clients as well as got to the extra mile of handling their customer claims as part of the services they offer.

Our Partner Insurers

Cigna Global

Cigna Global Insurance has been in the business for over 30 years and their clients normally come from Brunei and the rest of the world. The company has over 30,000 customer care service personnel throughout the world hence they are ready to serve you at any moment.

Currently, the company has over 60 million clients globally and a large number of medical facilities that they work together with hence they are well capable of providing quality services regardless of where one is.

Cigna Global Plan

In their pan, they have 3 types of healthcare packages to choose from which all include hospitalization, surgery, cancer treatments and any advanced treatment whether it is for in-patient or out-patient.

Their global optional benefits include;

  • Pregnancy coverage
  • Dental and visual coverage
  • Out-patient treatments such as consultations, with specialists
  • Family doctor visitation coverage
  • Medical coverage

Advantages of Cigna

Cigna offers comprehensive coverage and high level benefits enabling you to get exactly what you want at a good price.


Allianz is the best insurance option to cater for your travel and health products globally. The Allianz Health Insurance works in conjunction with Allianz Global Assistance and is trusted by over 500 companies and 83 million clients globally.

The company’s growth has been tremendous and is well-known for offering their clients with the support and help that they require. Allianz offers freedom to their clients to enable them to choose the type of insurance they need hence offering them peace of mind as well as good health care services from wherever in the world.

Allianz Health Insurance

Luke Medikal normally offer a wide range of Allianz Insurance health products and they are also known to offer coverage for students as well as Expats. All their product s are well thought out with each and every of their clients in mind. The different types of insurance coverage, their prices and the benefits that come along with each of them has been perfectly compiled to meet their customer needs be it basic needs or complex needs.

Allianz Global Insurance

This is an insurance that caters for the health and travel needs for their clients. This type of scheme is called travel medical protection and Allianz Global Insurance offers the best packages. Other than travel and health insurance, they also offer services for lost baggage, repatriation and crisis restorative clearing.

Acquire Allianz Insurance with us

Allianz Insurance offer great prices for their services and especially for expat couples. The insurance offer generous benefits especially those that cover maternity. The Company will work with you to help you get the best package for you depending on your needs and your budget.

The Allianz Global Insurance will offer you a plan that is very manageable and that will not frustrate you financial plans.

Luke Medikal Also works with Bupa and Aetna

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