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Cigna Healthcare plans

Cigna Global healthcare Insurance in Indonesia offers a wide range of international health insurance plans for companies and individuals. If you are an expat and looking for health protection for your and your family, look no further, Cigna global has the right solutions for you. Our customizable schemes makes our plans fit your needs at your budget and we deliver top-notched services to our members worldwide.

Ranging from dental care to global wellness, Cigna delivers the scheme that sets them apart from the competition, while offering premium multi-language customer services to members worldwide 24/7. This brings you the peace of mind in any situations, ranging from emergency or administrative verification. You can also find what you need with Cigna global’s online platform, where you can get answers with just a slight click!

Cigna Insurance Company

Cigna Insurance have over 30 years of global health insurance experience, and have acquired over 60 million worldwide customers, with a workforce of over 30,000 staff and in partnership with over a milliopn medical facilities and specialists. Expect premium medical care where ever your are.


Cigna International Benefits

Our worldwide coverage allows you global access to a wide range of doctors and medical facilities. Our flexible plans will serve your needs at your budget, while you get access to the top-notched customer service at anytime. Cigna’s excellent solutions derives from extensive experience in the field.

You can start today in just 2 simple steps. However, when you enquire, our team at LukeMedikal will mix-and-match to form the best plan for you.


Start with a Cigna Fundamental and Compulsory Option

Silver Option – Hospitalization benefits with a 1 million dollars Annual limitation (USD). The coverage also includes for cancer treatments.

Gold Option – Comprehensive coverage, including pregnancy benefits. This plans comes with a 2 million dollars Annual limitation (USD).

Platinum Option – Cigna’s highest plan, being equipped with the most benefits and unlimited annual limitation. Also included is fully paid mental health care


Add-on to your fundamental option:

INTERNATIONAL OUTPATIENT – No hospital stay required and medication is paid for.

MEDICAL EVACUATION – Emergency transportation to another country where necessary treatments are available. Subsequently, member can return to their desired location.

INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING – Medical checks/screening where Cigna proactively manage your healthcare.

INTERNATIONAL DENTAL AND VISION – Dental, optical and preventive treaments.

While you live in Indonesia, you will receive the protection you need against the various health conditions, irregardless on the class you belong to, or your type of employment. Here at lukeMedikal, we have the solutions for you to gain the peace of mind your need, bringing your the services that meets your expectations.

​-Generous cooling-off period (Your satisfaction is very important)
-Price satisfaction is guaranteed.
​-Can cancel anytime


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