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Cigna Healthcare plans

Cigna Indonesia offers very comprehensive medical insurance with a wide range of benefits that could be tailored according to your needs and budget, whether you are looking to purchasing a healthcare plan for yourself, family or company. Cigna Global will have the solutions for you, whether you are living in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung or anywhere else worldwide. Our Health Insurance plans will gain you global access to a wide range of medical facilities worldwide, covering even the best doctors.

As one of the largest health insurance providers in the world, Cigna has over 60 million members worldwide. This includes over 700,000 expatriate members situated across the world. They provide efficient service and support with a unique style.

Cigna Allows you to tailor a health insurance plan where you can get your needs fulfilled at your budget. This is done under the global health options plan scheme. This plan is suitable for individuals and family and comes with one core module and optional modules which you can choose from.

The core modules has its level, namely Silver, Gold and Platinum. Many will find just the Silver and Gold useful. However, for those who require extra medical care in terms of higher limits and comprehensive care, the platinum is recommended.

Further to this core module are the other modules that allows you to keep healthy. This allows you to seek medical checkups, dental treatments and eye treatment to maintain the healthy vision. Depending on the options you need, you will also get access to psychiatric care. All these is on top of fundamental coverage for day surgery, cancer treatment and outpatient treatments.

With the immense benefits given by Cigna, the prices is considered attractive. To further meet your budget, Cigna allows the option for co-payment where you pay a small fraction of the medical treatments for the year. This in turn allows you to receive lower premiums.

All your medical needs fulfilled with a peace of mind, also due to our top-notched customer services which you have access to at any time 24/7.

Cigna have numerous years of experience, spanning over 30 years in the health insurance industry. This experience has gained Cigna the ability to offer the premium health protection you need, whichever class of group you belong to.

Over the years, Cigna have gained over 60 million international clients, partnership with over a million medical facilities worldwide and over 30,000 staff. This brings you the peace of mind you need at any situations.

Cigna International Benefits

You can start today in just 2 simple steps. However, when you enquire, our team at LukeMedikal will mix-and-match to form the best plan for you.


Start with a Cigna Fundamental and Compulsory Option

Our Cigna plans come in 3 fundamental levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum, from just essential coverage to the most benefits and limitations. In all plans, you care covered for cancer treatments and all kinds of hospitalization. In the different plans, there is coverage pregnancy and up to unlimited financial coverage.


There are various add-ons:

Coverage for your:

Family doctor – Consult a family doctor in your neighborhood or anywhere and get the bills covered.

Day-consultation – Coverage for family doctor consultation or specialist in a niche medical area.

Medications – Coverage for your prescribed medications and medical dressings (e.g. bandage, etc).

Evacuation (For transportation to a location with adequate facilities) – Coverage for emergency medical transportation, whether by sea, land or air if your visited facility do not have the facility.

Include Health Screening – Coverage even for regular health screening or screening for diagnosis reasons.

Dental, Optical and preventive treatments – Coverage for teeth treatments, even orthodontics. Also included is medical treatment for your eyes and chronic or pre-exisitng conditions.