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Cigna Global Insurance (Asuransi) is a global health insurance provider and offers a broad range of global health insurance products to Corporate groups and individuals/families in Indonesia and worldwide.

The Cigna Global Insurance policies, although not limited to, caters for expatriates or long-term visitors. They provide tailor made solutions, enabling customers to customize their own benefits (you may see a list of coverage below). To assist in meeting the client’s objective in acquiring a Cigna Health Insurance policy, the client’s needs are individually accessed and underwritten before the health policy acquisition stage.

Cigna Global listen to their clients and they strive to meet their needs, together with their family, with a focus on ethicality, legal compliancy, while providing the health insurance solutions. Also, you would not need to worry about any other hidden or unexpected costs with regards to your individual healthcare. The huge network of medical facilities under Cigna covers the whole of Indonesia. To provide you with the peace of mind, Cigna Indonesia is here with the best insurance plans and products. We understand that you are stressed about your future and how you will meet such bills for yourself or the family members. So we have these insurance products for you, making it easier for you to invest in for you to get the coverage you require.

When you are living in Indonesia, you will get the required coverage for all the medical conditions. It does not matter that you belong to the upper class or the middle class. Neither we care about your employment. As there is a special insurance plan for you at Luke Medikal. So you will not have to worry once you come to us. We will furnish you with such services that will meet all your requirements and provide you with the coverage that you deserve.

Cigna Insurance Company

Cigna Insurance has been in the international health insurance trait for over 30 years, and today, Cigna have over 60 million customer relationships globally. Servicing the relationships is a global workforce of over 30,000 people, plus a network of over a million hospitals, health and wellness specialist, physicians and clinics.

You can easily expect world-class standards of healthcare wherever you are!

Cigna Medical Plans

We offer comprehensive healthcare plans that are extremely comprehensive and flexible. With this, you do not need to pay for whatever you do not need and yet, get to enjoy premium healthcare policy benefits, be it, getting treatment from the best doctors, being in the first class wards or having outpatient/ family doctor medicines being paid for.

International Coverage

Get medical treatments from anywhere in the world, at any time.


With cigna, you get to tailor your own plan, so you can get the best coverage for yourself without having to pay for whatever your do not need.

Round-the-clock Customer Care

You get excess to speaking to in-house specialist if you are doubt. This applies 24/7.

Years of Experience

Everything you get is the results of many years of experience. Get the peace of mind today!


Cigna Indonesia Global Coverage

Pregnancy Coverage

Within the comprehensive plan, we offer policy benefits for maternity that comes with only a small waiting period. Pregnancy is always very costly, from pre-pragnancy to post. As such, it is always a good idea to get insurance to cover this.

Dental Coverage

With the policy, you get the Cigna dental insurance coverage. you get to enjoy dental treatments at your dentist of choice. It brings you a lot more than just checking your teeth. You also get to enjoy the routine dental treatments.

Psychiatric Coverage

Comprehensive coverage available by Cigna Insurance. This is one of the many benefits that Cigna indonesia overs which sets them apart from others.

Cancer Coverage

Comprehensive coverage available

Healthcare Coverage

Cigna Healthcare provides comprehensive coverage available

Claims Servicing

Simple claims processing with just a simple step through the Cigna insurance claims


​-Generous cooling-off period (Your satisfaction is very important)
-Price satisfaction is guaranteed.
​-Can cancel anytime


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