AXA International Health Insurance (Indonesia) & Travel Insurance


PT Luke Medikal is pleased to bring AXA International Health and travel Insurance to Indonesia. AXA International Insurance strives to help their clients perform their lives with a peace of mind by protecting them and their relatives against health risks. Most people cannot afford to pay the high cost of health care on their own and that is where health insurance must come in. You pay a premium each year and your insurer pays for your your treatment.

AXA Health Insurance Indonesia  

You can take advantage of the preventive services AXA plan offers. By visiting your doctors regularly for check-ups and getting your recommended screenings. With this, you are more likely to prevent more serious conditions later on.

As a Protector of people, AXA insurance have a responsibility to utilizing their skills and resources to establish a safer society. To achieve this missions, comes the will power to redefine health insurance.

Check out our comprehensive plans at your budget today:

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-Price satisfaction is guaranteed.
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AXA International Travel Insurance Indonesia

Get a peace of mind as you travel with our AXA travel insurance. Our travel insurance international benefits are designed to meet your needs with excellence, from a fulfilling basic requirements, to providing a generous coverage.


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