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PT Luke Medikal is pleased to bring AXA International Health and travel Insurance (Asuransi) to Indonesia, whether you are living in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, or anywhere else. AXA International Insurance strives to help their clients perform their lives with a peace of mind by protecting them and their relatives against health risks. Most people cannot afford to pay the high cost of health care on their own and that is where health insurance must come in. You pay a premium each year and your insurer pays for your your treatment.


AXA Health Insurance Card

AXA International is a one-stop healthcare insurance solutions provider for family and individuals with over 170 years of proven experience, AXA offers a complete range of affordable health insurance products that will bring you the peace of mind you desire for, whether you are living in Singapore, Malaysia or worldwide. Also, you can expect a simple claiming process that is not geographically bounded.

Having the family medically secured is a major task. As such, it is best to make sure you get the health insurance needs fulfilled according to requirements at stages in life. AXA Health Insurance system is here to  provide you with all the medical protection that you and your family deserve.

AXA Health Insurance has introduced a special AXA Health Care Insurance Card. Whether you are living in Asia or abroad, with the AXA card, you can gain access to the extensive network of medical facilities that are situated at all parts of the world, from pre-hospitalization treatments to post.

The customer service of AXA health insurance is always available for you; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that emergency can happen anytime and you will find help by your side in all the unexpected situations.

Expect a comprehensive coverage; nowadays, even with longer life expectancy and healthier living, there are numerous unforeseen obstacles ahead of us. Rest assured, You can enjoy the healthcare you need today with the high annual limit AXA brings, along with support for outpatient, pre-existing conditions, chronic illnesses and many more. If any complexities arises in places with no proper medical facilities, no worries, AXA provides international assistance and offers evacuation.

The AXA Health Care Insurance is here to meet all your requirements. Request a quote today to find out more!

As a Protector of people, AXA insurance have a responsibility to utilizing their skills and resources to establish a safer society. To achieve this missions, comes the will power to redefine health insurance.

AXA Health Insurance Indonesia

You can take advantage of the preventive services AXA plan offers. By visiting your doctors regularly for check-ups and getting your recommended screenings. With this, you are more likely to prevent more serious conditions later on.


AXA Travel Insurance Worldwide

Get a peace of mind as you travel with our AXA travel insurance. Our travel insurance international benefits are designed to meet your needs with excellence, from a fulfilling basic requirements, to providing a generous coverage to where ever you go from Indonesia.

AXA Travel Insurance Policy

Axa SmartTraveller travel insurance scheme understands the utmost travel security. Some of the benefits of this plan covers natural disasters and many more. These sets apart from other travel insurance schemes. Help can be just a phonecall away.


AXA Company

AXA Insurance has a mission and that is to help more people gain the peace of mind they need by protecting their health and assets against risky activities. With the fundamental financial management AXA implements, we can help to implement a stronger society. With this is mind AXA has set to be redefining standards.