Allianz Global health Insurance (Asuransi)

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Premium Private Health Care in Indonesia

There are many challenges when it comes to living abroad. Today, you can gain the peace of mind you desire with one of our premium health insurer in Indonesia, Allianz Global Health Insurance (asuransi Allianz). Allianz is a reputable international insurer in the area of travel and health insurance. The company have almost 100 million customers globally, including top fortune 500 brands , with a branch in Indonesia.  The company takes utmost interest in the well-being of their clients, and equipped with a team of various specialists to oversee the needs of all their members in a top-notched manner.

Allianz Insurance Benefits

Allianz Insurance caters for all the various needs, from students to expatriates, with utmost understanding in the importance of good health and medical expenses. These days, with hefty inflation, many individuals will strive to save for adverse health events. With the Allianz health insurance policy, you can be rest assured that every medical aspects has been well sorted out. Allianz Insurance plans were carefully arranged for flexibility and with regards to budget. Know more is just an email or phone call away!

Allianz Health Insurance Plan

Allianz Health insurance packages are offered at different prices, varying upon the level of medical coverage. The comprehensive benefits caters for a wide range of events, including pregnancy. Simply talk to our advisors about your health insurance needs and we will be glad to assist you, recommending the package with the best benefits and options for your budget.

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Travel Insurance is equipped with a wide range of medical and non-medical benefits. Ranging from medical consultations to hospitalization, all travel medical hassles will be removed.

Request a quote today! We will expose you to a range of travel insurance plans that are within your budget. With this, you can gain access to numerous health facilities globally, including premium class. Allianz is committed to providing top-notched services, are are proficient, offering 2 days claims processing an round-the clock customer assistance.

There are two types of travel insurance plans offered, SINGLE TRIP and ANNUAL COVERAGE, for both domestic and international travelling. We take every travel issues into account, such as baggage delay, damages, losses, etc.

Here at luke Medikal, we look forward to enhancing your insurance experience, by serving you with passion and pride, from enquiries to claims.