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Aetna Global Benefits

We were given the privilege of being a partner with Aetna International, as our latest insurer we work with today in Lukemedikal Indonesia. As such, we are able to bring you comprehensive global health insurance benefits that allows members to gain access to the top medical facilities worldwide. Apart from this, members will experience outstanding and the unique customer support service of a premium health insurance provider.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should consider us when selecting your Aetna health insurance provider. We will carefully customize your insurance plan according to your needs. The benefits that will suit you is all well-taken care of and like all Aetna members, you will gain the access to the top medical facilities worldwide, and not just in Indonesia. Complementing these comprehensive premium benefits of the health policy is out world-class claims team, allowing you to make a claim seamlessly in less than a minute.

Aetna Insurance

Aetna insurance works with the various medical specialist, premises and health networks to fulfil your healthcare needs. The right technological processes easily creates you the connection to the medical specialist team.

A good healthcare system always commence with a simple process, one that allows you to look inside. For example, finding out the cost of treatment before-hand. A good healthcare focuses on maintain health, not only affordability. Finally, a good healthcare system creates the connection.