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PT Luke Medikal is an Indonesian leading provider of global health insurance, offering health insurance policies that comes from top insurers worldwide and offers comprehensive health benefits. We have a range of healthcare plans that caters for individuals and corporate groups. We tailor a health insurance plan for you according to your needs and budget, so you get the best benefits at the best rates. As the leading international health insurance provider in Indonesia, we will go the extra mile to serve you, from the time you make an enquiry to the time you require a medical claim. We have a 24/7 hotline, so you can have the peace of mind!

To tackle the Indonesian Health Issues, the local government is planning to instate compulsory health insurance for all the Citizens by 2019. Importance of this Indonesian Health Insurance scheme is recognized as there is a critical need to protect health. As medical cost is rising, treatment may be getting more unaffordable. At Luke Medikal, our health policies are from top insurance companies (from AXA Health Insurance Indonesia to Allianz Health Insurance Indonesia) in Indoneisa and coverage do not only provide hospitalization benefits, but also provides benefits for family doctor and regular health checks. Our benefits applies for treatments globally, as healthcare treatment cost can vary from country to country. And medical facilities in some countries are still in its infancy state. Hence, you may opt for treatments elsewhere via emergency evacuation or travel. Our insurance covers evacuation and all the treatments, pre and post, And checkups. Gain the peace of mind today!

When it comes to individual well-being, there is no room to compromise. Unexpected situations can happened at any time. However, Cost of healthcare in Indonesia or worldwide can hinder you from obtaining the treatment you deserve. That is why you need a premium medical card which could pay your medical bills in full, while being cashless for you.

Select from a series of health insurance plans from us, ranging from essential insurance benefits to fully comprehensive, zero to a higher range of deductibles to lower you premiums, we will recommend the best one for you and at your budget. This could help you deal with your serious or emergency medical conditions, where ever you are globally.

With us, you can enjoy high savings in health insurance premiums, and our insurance can also accommodate you while you get reach seniority, giving you generous benefits, regardless of your claims history.

Getting a comprehensive healthcare plan is a critical decision, because this enables you to seek the level of healthcare you require. It will protect your finances during times of medical difficult. Our Health Insurance plans are suitable for local individuals, families and expatriates. Get health insurance advice now:

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Match YOUR Budget. Full coverage, where ever you are WORLDWIDE:

Health Insurance Plans

Members are entitled to receiving generous inpatient and outpatient health insurance benefits that could cover hospitalization and day-care treatment, including family doctor and the medications. Our insurers also have optimum interest in protecting their members, therefore extending benefits to cover health checks, maternity, dental, optical and pre-existing conditions. Should there be no adequate facilities in the local hospitals, rest assured, as our health insurance offers medical evacuation.

Making a Medical Insurance Claim

We have the simplest claims processing in the industry, where you could either do-it-yourself, or do it through us in literally less than a minute. We boast of a highly proactive team, who will ensure everything in claims will be straightened out with minimal effort from your side.



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