Private Individual Health Insurance Plans

Backed by over 30 years of experience, we now offer our premium private Individual health care insurance plans  to the beautiful country of Indonesia. Get a premium health care coverage today.

Individual Private Health Insurance

private health insurance

Health Options Plan

Within this private insuranceplan, flexibility is created to cater for the individual’s (or family) own needs. It has a modular scheme which enables you to choose the options to fulfil your health insurance desires. This can give you access to a host of world-class health treatments, wherever you are.

There is a fundamental (compulsory) option, after which, there are other options which you may like to add-on. There are also excess options (known as deductibles) to further reduce membership cost in exchange for you paying a small portion of your medical fees. This scheme is perfect should you have a need for premium healthcare at a strict budget.
Everything has been well thought of, we can even cover for many types of pre-existing conditions.


– Core (Compulsory): Cover for any essential hospitalization, whether planned or not planned (Emergency). All surgery, cancer treatment and advanced imaging, whether received whilst staying in hospital or visiting as a day patient, are also covered.

– Outpatient: consultations with medical specialist and medical treatments without hospital stay. Also included is coverage for family doctor visitation, young child care, maternity care, complementary therapies and speech therapy.

– Outpatient Drugs & Dressings – prescription medication and rental of appliances such as oxygen supplies or wheelchairs.
– Well being – Health check, dental and optical
– Evacuation and Repatriation


Comprehensive Health Care Plan

Be assured of optimal health care wherever you are. A comprehensive healthcare insurance plan could gain you access to the most expert medical assistance. To cater for your budget and requirements, we offer 4 different levels of coverage plans to choose from.

First Level: Coverage for hospitalization, whether in-patient treatment or day-care patient.

Mid Level: Coverage for specialist medical treatment or diagnosis, for in-patient hospital stays as well as out-patient consultations, treatment such as physiotherapy, maternity and a range of health checks.

Prime Level: All the coverage for both in-patient and out-patient care. On top of that, Gold covers family doctor consultation, prescribed drugs and dressings, dental treatment, Maternity, home nursing and a range of health checks.